Parents of the XXI century, become an example for your child!

By order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of the Child, a meeting on the theme “Parents of the XXI century, become an example for your child!” was held for parents of first-grade students.

The school director, Arap Junisov, who was the first to speak at this event, noted that parents should be an example for children to grow exemplary. Parents should be in close contact with the school, so that in the future adolescents should be strong citizens. Deputy Director for Education Alia Zhusipbekova urged parents to set an example for their children. In turn, school psychologist Aynur Tusiozeva and Beibit Kazbekov note that teenagers need to be controlled, what they say about smartphones and computers, and that these things have a negative effect on mental and child’s mental health. During the session, slides and video clips were provided to parents by psychologists.

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Day of Astana!

This holiday was wonderful from the previous holiday. In the rural district Sablan Dildabekov to the Day of Astana in the house of culture of the rural district Sh.Dildabekov hosted a great evening on the theme “Askaktai ber, Astana”.

The event was attended by Deputy akim of the region Maksat Zholdasbekov, the head of regional Department of internal policy and development of languages Pardesh Esenbekov, and akim of the rural district of Dalian abdirayym said. Artists of the House of culture, as well as representatives of Chechen, Azerbaijani, Tajik and other nationalities performed at the evening. Residents of the rural district Template Dildabekov thanked the staff and the head of the house of culture botakoz Dildabekov and gave his blessing. Happy birthday Astana!

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Last call!

Last Call Day at School … He is awaited with trepidation by graduates, parents, teachers. It is remembered for life, and therefore I want the holiday to become special.

Very soon the bell will ring, which will give the start to the most fun and carefree season of all children – summer, but for graduates this will be the last school bell.

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May 7 – Day of Defenders of the Fatherland!

We congratulate You on Dnem! We are glad we have won and won, and we are in your house – a world and a blessing. And now I am optimistic about how to do it all the time, just for the day’s projects and for new ones!

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May 1 – Day of Unity of Peoples of Kazakhstan

Today – May 1 “Holiday of the unity of the peoples of Kazakhstan!”
Any reason is good to remember each other and wish each other happiness. So let such an occasion become “Holiday of Unity of Peoples of Kazakhstan”!

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