Parents of the XXI century, become an example for your child!

By order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of the Child, a meeting on the theme “Parents of the XXI century, become an example for your child!” was held for parents of first-grade students.

The school director, Arap Junisov, who was the first to speak at this event, noted that parents should be an example for children to grow exemplary. Parents should be in close contact with the school, so that in the future adolescents should be strong citizens. Deputy Director for Education Alia Zhusipbekova urged parents to set an example for their children. In turn, school psychologist Aynur Tusiozeva and Beibit Kazbekov note that teenagers need to be controlled, what they say about smartphones and computers, and that these things have a negative effect on mental and child’s mental health. During the session, slides and video clips were provided to parents by psychologists.

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